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Agricultural Development

Agriculture faces manifold challenges such as hunger and malnutrition, population growth and urbanisation, changing diets, mitigation and adaptation to climate change as well as increasing competition for soil, water and other resources. In addition, economic and social well-being of rural areas heavily depends on agricultural development.

Future-oriented, modern agriculture is expected to increase its productivity, preserve natural resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to be resource-efficient. Developing methods to better cope with these inherent and multiple challenges is highly complex. We offer expert knowledge mainly in agricultural economics and climate change economics as well as agricultural informatics to find and develop tailor-made solutions for agricultural production systems and markets around the globe to better cope with specific challenges.

pdficon_small Another look at agricultural trade of the European Union: Virtual land trade and self-sufficiency // Steffen Noleppa,
Matti Cartsburg // 2014

pdficon_small Der gesamtgesellschaftliche Nutzen von Pflanzenschutz in Deutschland // Steffen Noleppa, Harald von Witzke // 2013

pdficon_small Die gesellschaftliche Bedeutung der Pflanzenzüchtung in Deutschland // Steffen Noleppa, Harald von Witzke // 2013

pdficon_small Agricultural self-sufficiency of the European Union // Steffen Noleppa, Matti Cartsburg // 2013