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Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

The global climate is changing and threatens many human activities as well as ecosystems and biodiversity around the globe. Agriculture is one of the sectors most affected by climate change and at the same time a major contributor to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Adaptation and mitigation measures are crucial to reduce negative influences on agriculture and other sectors. Climate change will impact agricultural markets on regional and global level, change trade patterns and supply chains, threaten the welfare of nations and food security of large parts of the human population. Our agripol network has access to high-level scientific experience in climate change research and climate change economics. We are aware of the high complexity of climate change and are capable of providing mitigation and adaptation approaches fitting the expectations of our clients.

pdficon_small Klimaeffekte des Pflanzenschutzes in Deutschland // Harald von Witzke, Steffen Noleppa // 2012

pdficon_small Klimawandel auf dem Teller // Steffen Noleppa // 2012