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Market Development

Market analysis of numerous national and international agricultural markets was the core focus area of agripol in the early years. Even though our focus areas have widened in recent years, market analysis has still a high relevance for the agripol network to this day. Clients profit from our long lasting experience, profound knowledge of markets and expertise in market development. We cover all agricultural markets but also the commodity markets upstream and downstream of the agricultural value chain, such as fertilizer markets, plant protection markets, wholesale activities etc.

pdficon_small The value of Neonicotinoid seed treatment in the European Union // Steffen Noleppa, Thomas Hahn // 2013

pdficon_small Einkommenseffekte des Einsatzes von Pflanzenschutzmitteln in Deutschland // Steffen Noleppa, Harald von Witzke, Matti Cartsburg // 2012